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Speaker Profile Brad Olsen is the author of ten books including two in his new Esoteric Series, “Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses” and “Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms”, both of which won the gold prize – the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award – in the category of New Age. Moreover, “Modern Esoteric” also won the 2014 American Graphic Design Awards […]

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  Religious or Spiritual expect to know we have a higher powerand this to some means the man running the simulation. Many call this thehigher power while others call it our oversoul. We can become followers ofhyperionism and be cool or be uncool and stick with the fact that nature isstill proof there is a […]

0:35 / 8:33 Ethos,Logos,Pathos – Rheotric | Oratory | Persuasion – Public Speaking (In Hindi) – Author Sherry 5,605 views•Apr 5, 20202446SHARESAVEAuthor SherrySUBSCRIBEDThree elements of persuasion – Ethos,Logos,Pathos ( Explained In Hindi) – Author Sherry Ethos,Logos,Pathos – Rheotric | Oratory | Persuasion – Public Speaking (In Hindi) – Author Sherry About Author Sherry: Renowned Public Speaking Coach […]

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