A caring guild of practitioners who are dedicated to providing spiritual growth as Ascension Church Ohana Spiritual Advisers for the best life plan possible

We believe that each human is a sentient intelligent being born as a spirit into a wholly unique body-mind-spirit-consciousness


By working together with parents, we help maintain the health of their little ones and promote the general well-being of their entire family.


educational concerns

Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing patients with the individualized care they deserve to keep them in their best health – and our care is catered to their unique needs.

Spiritual Growth Guidance

Journey for each being is different from all others. We are all here to share in community and conversations about our own spiritual growth.

ACE Life Coach

Basic Introduction combines all the various topics one

may want to share in their lives as a coach assisting others.

American Communications Online



Everyone needs to have their home on the internet in Cyberspace Culture!

World Pyramidology People are Cool!

We like to know people who are into pyramids!

Spirituality Wellness is a wonderful place to begin sharing your own spark of caring about others in your practice. See yourself as a person – totally exceeding all spiritual growth expectations on every account. Spirituality Wellness truly cares about all of us sharing who we are and how we feel about our choices.

– TJ Morris Agency forAmerican Communications Online,